What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Getting a commercial clean is something that all businesses will need to consider at some point, and especially now that the country is opening back up again, and people are returning to office [...]

How To Clean Pet Stains From a Wool Carpet

Wool carpets and pets are not always the happiest of matches. So here at House Proud Finish, we aim to improve this relationship by providing you with the best advice and care possible. The most [...]

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Good home hygiene is vital for the health of your house and all of its inhabitants. However, there may be unwanted surprises lurking in your carpets such as grime, allergens, and bacteria. Our [...]

Best Way To Keep Hard Floors Clean

Hard floors deserve the same attention to detail as their carpeted counterparts. In fact, hard floors are commonly neglected as they are not seen as needing as much time or care, however, this [...]

How to Care For Wool Carpets In Four Easy Steps

Don’t you just love wool carpets? The soft fibres under your feet, keeping everything warm and snuggly, especially in the winter months. Wool is a great material for carpets and has been popular [...]

Carpet Cleaning Case Study – The Perrymount Clinic, Sussex

We at House Proud Finish would like to share with you one of our favourite projects of 2020 – a deep clean of the Perrymount Clinic, based in Haywards Heath, Sussex. Christian Bates, owner [...]

Why You Should Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning

No matter how frequently you hoover and care for your carpets, there will come a point where the only way of restoring it to its former glory is through a professional clean. Domestic cleaning [...]

Hard floor cleaning – Domestic & Commercial Settings

Keeping your hard flooring clean is just as important as keeping your soft furnishings clean. There’s a common misconception that hardwood flooring needs much less maintenance than a fabric [...]

Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Options

Professional carpet cleaning can be difficult in environments that can’t afford too much downtime. This could be a work setting that employees need constant access to, or could even just be your [...]

How to Clean Your Carpet at Home – the Professional Way

If you’re cleaning your own carpets and rugs on a regular basis, we wouldn’t mind betting the routine starts and finishes with a standard vacuum cleaner. There’s nothing wrong with that, and for [...]

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