Frequently asked Questions


What else do you clean other than carpets?

We also clean upholstery, such as sofas, armchairs, rugs, car interior,including seats, ceiling cloth, and door cards where cloth is present . We also offer a leather cleaning and treatment service. This involves us cleaning the leather with our carefully selected products which is then followed by us treating the leather to extend the life of the leather and bring it back to its natural condition.

We also clean mattresses, which includes using a product which kills all allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and removes dead skin and any other unwanted soiling. Which in return prevents asthma, allergies, and prevents tight chests, and reduces breathing difficulties.

Other than the above, we also clean hard floors, see our hard floor cleaning page for a more in depth description. This includes Lino, wood, stone, tiled, marble, basically anything which involves flooring,

Do you do business and commercial premises?

Yes we are more than capable of carrying out any business and commercial jobs which include office blocks, nurseries, village halls, rugby/football clubs, hotels and more. Please call us to ask.

Do you use van mounted carpet cleaners or portable machines?

We use portable machines, as this allows us greater reach when faced with a property or premises which doesn’t allow us to park our vehicle close. Our machines are regularly serviced and maintained to give the best finish on every job with no compromise.

How long will my carpets take to dry?

The drying time varies from job to job and is dependant on many factors such as ventilation, humidity, carpet fibre and type, and room temperature. We understand drying time is just as important as the quality of cleaning. We aim to have your carpets completely dry within 2-3 hours. Many of our customers mention they have used previous carpet cleaners, who have left their carpet or upholstery wet for up to 4 days, creating a musty smell. Our carpets and upholstery is dry within the hour, or two. Because we have invested heavily in the best machines on the market, enabling quick drying times, and happy customers.

We can speed up the drying time even more by using our industrial air mover. This naturally moves the air around the room, and speeds up the evaporation process to relieve the carpets from any remaining moisture. We will never leave your carpets soaked as our extraction process during cleaning will always leave the carpets only slightly damp.

We offer a full money back guarantee to all of our customers, and will always go through at the end of the process with you to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Although we boast a high success rate in the removal of everyday stains,we can not promise to remove all stains and no company should ever promise a 100% success rate. We will however, always put our full heart and effort into each job and always keep the customer up to date.


Do we offer discounts?

Yes we do! We love a good offer, and we love discounts, who doesn’t? We promise to be the best priced service for carpet, upholstery, and hard floor cleaning within sussex. We research our competitors, and match, or beat all prices. The more you ask us to clean, the greater the discount will be!

Will you need access to water and electricity?

Yes is the answer. It doesn’t matter to much if the water is hot or cold, as we have a heater element in our machine which will heat the water to the right temperature. Although access to warm/hot water will speed up the process. We need electricity for our machine.

I live in an area where you need a permit to park outside my house, or you need to pay for parking. What should I do?

If you live in a area which requires a parking ticket, or permit, you will need to inform us when you book, the customer will be responsible for all parking tickets incurred for the duration of the job. If a permit is required, and the customer can supply us with one, we will use this, if the customer cannot, we will park as close as we can to the property.

Do you offer a same day service?

Yes we do! Under some circumstances it may sometimes be difficult, but we will always aim to be with you the very same day. But we would much prefer a few days notice if possible!

Do I need to move my furniture?

We ask the customers to move what they can, to speed up the process. We appreciate large heavy beds, wardrobes, drawers are difficult. So we ask the customer to move as much as they can. If the bed is on wheels, or is light, and space within the room is available, we will move the bed to the other side, this applies to wardrobes, drawers etc and clean this way. If the item is too heavy, and cannot be moved, unfortunately we will have to clean around the furniture.

How long before I can walk on the carpets, or put my furniture back?

Straight away! We only ever leave your carpets slightly damp, so they can be used as they were before. Furniture can be places on the carpets straight away, but if the feet of the furniture are metal, we will place card coasters underneath until the carpet is 100% dry to prevent rust marks. These can be removed easily when we have left.