Full House Carpet Cleaning for Tenants/New Houses/Moving House

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Whether you’re leaving a rented accommodation, buying a new house, or moving between places, getting a full house carpet clean is vital.

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned will:

  • Help get your full security deposit back if you’re renting
  • Help with that new house feeling, and remove any dirt/bacteria from a previous owner
  • Leave the property clean and fresh for the next owner

Buying a new property

Buying a new house/flat is very exciting (congratulations!). However, we recommend getting a professional cleaning service (like us) to do a deep clean of all the carpets in the property.

This ensures no nasties such as pet fur, dust mites or bacteria are still lingering from the previous owner when you move in. It also helps get rid of any stubborn stains that may have been left behind!

You may think hiring a cleaning machine is a better and more cost-effective way, however, if done wrong, could leave irreversible damage to the carpet.

We offer full house carpet cleaning in and around West Sussex. Request a free quote from Adam today: 0800 6446545

Leaving a property

If you have decided to move on from your current property, it may be a good idea to hire a cleaning company to clean the property’s carpets.

Carpets can hold a lot of dirt and bacteria, which household vacuum cleaners can’t remove fully. A professional carpet cleaning machine will tackle any and all dirt held in the carpets, as well as stain removal, leaving it fresh and clean for the next owner!

Having your carpets professionally cleaned a couple times a year also extends the life of the carpet.

End of tenancy carpet cleaning

Double check with your landlord whether it’s the tenant or landlord’s responsibility to clean the carpets before you leave.

Not knowing, and leaving the carpets as they are, could result in losing a large amount of your deposit, so make sure you’re clear on the terms and conditions before you leave!

We offer tenant carpet cleaning in and around West Sussex. Request a free quote from Adam today: 0800 6446545

Interested in how much it would cost? Read our blog for more information.

House Proud Finish

House Proud Finish is a carpet, upholstery, floor and oven cleaning specialist. For our carpet cleaning we only use industry standard vacuum cleaners! Guaranteed safe for all types of carpet.

We use the best carpet cleaning products from local cleaning experts who are also based in West Sussex. So, when you use us, you’re supporting the locals!

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote. Or give our friendly team a call on 0800 6446545.

We look forward to cleaning your carpet!

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