Hard floor cleaning

Other than carpet, upholstery and general cleaning. We also provide a hard floor cleaning service.

The process and techniques we use at House Proud Finish have been refined and honed through years of experience.

We have invested in the latest hard floor cleaning technology to ensure that floors are throughly cleaned to the highest standard.

Majority of floors we clean using a mild detergent, applied with our rotary electric floor scrubber to remove any soiling. We then rinse and extract any remaining water. We then follow through with a non slip long lasting polish.

If the material of the floor we are working with is porous, we use the same method as above, except we apply a sealant after the the mild detergent cleaning process, which stops the polish from penetrating the floor, as this will prevent the working effect of the polish.

If the floor we are working on, has numerous layers of old polish, a film of dirt, or is heavily soiled, we use a mild stripper to rejuvenate the natural colour of the flooring prior to the mild detergent process. We then rinse, extract, seal the floor, and apply a layer of polish. The polish requires 20-30 minutes to naturally dry, where a second coat if applicable is applied.

We have multiple heads and brushes which fit onto our hard floor cleaning machine, which enables us to clean uneven floors, floors with grooves and gaps, and other smooth surfaces.

We appreciate our customers may have invested money and time into their flooring, which is why we guarantee a brilliant finish every time. None of the processes above will cause damage to floors. We are fully trained, qualified and insured to work with all types of hard floor surfaces.

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