How To Clean Sofa Upholstery at Home

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes and are made from many different types of fabric. How to clean the stains off a sofa which is suede vs how to clean a linen sofa will differ greatly. That’s why extra care is necessary before applying products to your sofa and we are going to share with you why. 

Do you know what material you’re trying to clean?

It is very important to know what kind of material you have in your upholstery, as this will determine what needs to be used and how it is applied.

The majority of sofas include synthetic fabrics like polyester or acrylic, but it is just as common to have wool, linen and cotton.

Natural fibres are sensitive to high alkaline chemicals and unfortunately, most supermarket fabric cleaners don’t offer the professional low to mid alkaline solutions we use. 

If you would like to learn about the science behind solutions, we recommend reading our blog about wool carpet cleaning: here.

How to clean a crushed velvet sofa

You need to take extra care when cleaning crushed velvet, chenille and flat weave as they are usually a material mix. Some chenille type fabrics have to be professionally cleaned as they require grooming to set the nap afterwards. This is simply the direction of the fibres, when you move your hands across suede, the fibres change direction. Post-cleaning, we will professionally set the nap of your sofa fibres.

How to clean an upholstered sofa

It is common to find a percentage of viscose, (also known as rayon), in upholstered sofas. Made from wood pulp this sofa material is highly absorbent. Low percentages of viscose are fairly safe to clean, whereas high percentages (over 30%) are dry clean only. If the material absorbs too much water, you are going to cause irreversible fibre damage.

Our professional deep cleaning services include the safer option, upholstery dry cleaning. 

Speed drying linen furniture 

Unless you’re planning to dry clean your sofa covers, consider how you are going to dry the linen afterwards. Also, please keep in mind that if your sofa has been spilt on in the past, old smells can wick up from the base if it has not yet been professionally cleaned.

If you choose a professional, do your research first. We have unfortunately been to many homes where customers’ sofas took days to dry because they chose a badly trained cleaning company.

We will always force dry your sofa before we leave. It will only be slightly moist so that you won’t have to wait too long until you can relax on your sofa again.

Final considerations 

If you would like to see the effects of steam cleaning, take a look at one of our recent sofa cleaning projects here.

Our sofa cleaning prices start from £35 for an arm chair and just £65 for a 2 seater.

At House Proud Finish, our team of fully-insured and friendly, sofa experts will give you the results you desire. Use a trained professional and benefit from a stain free, safely cleaned, sofa service. 

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