How To Clean Wool Carpet

Wool has been used for thousands of years due to its warmth, but also due to its ability to be easily dyed different colours. This is great for homeowners as it gives you plenty of choice when it comes to designing your home, however, if something is spilled on a wool carpet it easily stains. This is why we are going to share with you our expertise on “How to Clean Wool Carpets” in your home.

Most wool carpets will either be 100% wool or a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. It’s important to know which wool type you have and if your carpet has a natural backing. Do you know what wool type you have in your home?

Due to the nature of wool, it can only be cleaned in a limited number of ways and we are going to share some of these methods with you.


The Key to Wool Carpet Cleaning – PH Levels

This is where you’ll be hoping you paid attention in science class.

Only joking… ideally, you’ll want your wool carpets to stay PH neutral or slightly acidic.

All this means is that, if an alkaline solution is split on your wool carpet you can expect stains. Alkaline will break the carpet backing down and release the pigment into the carpet pile which is likely to change the wool colour from white to yellow or brown.

‘Help, my carpet turned yellow after cleaning’

If you’re in a similar position, no need to panic – this is common.

This is almost always caused by one of these three reasons:

  • Heat, wool can be overly sensitive to heat and can turn brown or yellow if too much heat is applied when cleaning.
  • Moisture, after a large spill or when over wet by cleaning, the pigments from the natural backing of the carpet (often Jute) can cause wicking. This will turn the carpet brown or yellow.
  • Don’t be fooled by low moisture. When a high alkaline solution is spilled, this can also cause the pigment from the backing to breakdown and appear in the pile.

Fortunately, our wool carpet cleaning services can rectify most cases of browning or yellowing.

How to clean pet stains from wool carpet?

If there is an unexpected accident on your white wool rug or carpet, do not apply anything! This includes water and especially no off the shelf stain removers or carpet cleaners. These will often bleach sensitive wool carpets.

What you should do is blot as much up as quickly as possible. The most important thing is to remove the spillage from the carpet first and then reassess.

Keep in mind that most common soils such as pet vomit or cat urine are also acidic. If, after removing the spillage, staining and smells persist, call in the pros!

The wool carpet cleaning solution

Wool carpet cleaning can be tricky, we recommend using a professional deep cleaning service on a regular basis.

Our approach to white wool carpet cleaning is highly rated because we use industrial standard equipment and safe products.

To achieve great results, we use an acidic rinse and extraction process which will leave your carpet PH neutral or slightly acidic. You can read more about it here.

Stick to our dos and don’ts and your plush wool carpet will last for many years.

To find out more about our carpet cleaning services, please give us a call on 0800 6446545 or click here.

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