How To Remove Stains From a Wool Carpet

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Wool carpets can be a worthwhile investment, as they are relatively easy to clean and care for.

After all, wool is a natural fibre and is designed to protect sheep from all manners of weather, in all conditions.

Therefore, wool carpets are naturally stain resistant which makes removing stains in your carpet even easier.

Everyday Mess

There are two main types of dirt that accumulate on and in your carpet causing wool carpet stains. These can be defined as dry soil and ‘sticky’ soil.

Dry Soil – 

This type of soiling includes substances such as rocks and sand. If this debris is not cleared, it can then start to damage the structure of the carpet as the debris is abrasive.

At House Proud Finish we would recommend regular vacuuming to extract any of this harmful soiling, concentrating on small areas with detail/crevice tools so as not to spread any stains.

‘Sticky’ Soil – 

This is the dirt that is brought into your home by shoes, clothing, and even air pollution.

This type of soil can end up attracting more dirt in a process we call re-soiling if it is not regularly removed.

To then ensure the longevity of your wool carpet we recommend you get your carpet cleaned professionally either annually or every couple of years. The frequency of professional cleans depends on the level of usage on the carpet.

Spills and Stains

Our general rule when dealing with liquid spills and stains is to deal with them as soon as they happen, as dried stains are far more difficult to remove than wet stains.

Example: Pet Stain

Pet spills and stains are common in a household and can become a problem if not dealt with swiftly.

Once you have realised that your pet has had an accident, blot the area as much as possible until there is no transfer to the towel.

It is important to remember to blot not rub, as rubbing the spill will push the stain further into the carpet and damage the fibres.

If you are able, you should lift up the wool carpet and then blot the underlay and clean the subfloor to avoid a process called wicking. Wicking is where the moisture underneath the carpet will rise back up into the carpet and become an issue.

Do not add water to liquid stains, as this can spread the stain further unnecessarily.

Choose House Proud Finish

If you find that any of your stains persist, then it is best to call us for advice on how best to remove it yourself, or for us to come and remove the stain for you.

No wool carpet is the same, and there are many variables that we will need to look at before being able to provide an accurate solution.

If you would like some advice on how best to deal with your wool carpet stain, then please give a member of our team a call on 0800 644 6545, or email us at info@houseproudfinish.co.uk

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