Living Room Trends for 2022

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In 2020 and 2021 we saw a rise in the time spent at home and working from home due to the pandemic. This meant having to convert living spaces into mini offices.

This will not slow down for 2022, as companies are still allowing flexible working and introducing hot desking.

And just like the kitchen trends for 2022, the living room trends for 2022 all stem from being sustainable and eco-friendly, such as using natural materials.

Living/Working Space

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve all had to change the way we work and where we work. A lot of people who worked from offices had to create an area in their homes to be able to work from home.

This doesn’t seem to be slowing down for 2022, as many businesses offer flexible working arrangements.

If you don’t have the luxury of having a separate room for your office, your living room may be your next best bet. However, working on your sofa just won’t cut it for 2022 (especially for your health and wellbeing!).

Living rooms often feel smaller when used for work, so we recommend incorporating pieces of furniture that have multiple uses and functions, such as living room storage that can double up as a side table.

We also recommend investing in an ergonomic chair. There are many on the market that also looks good and can blend in perfectly with your living room.

One With Nature

Bring the outside in with plants! Not only are plants lovely to look at, but they also help with purifying the air in your home.

Here are some plants we recommend having in your living room:

  • Sweetheart plant
  • Monstera
  • Snake plant.

The 2022 living room design colour palette trend also includes using different shades of green to add a pop of calming, nature-inspired, colour. Used amongst natural colours such as white walls create a feeling of zen.

Sustainability and Natural Materials 

With people becoming more and more aware of climate change, and the impact they personally have, sustainability and being more eco-friendly is increasing.

Becoming more eco-conscious can also help save you money, such as opting for energy-efficient bulbs instead of ones that are high wattage and installing a smart meter to keep track of electric usage.

If you’re looking for a new piece of furniture to fit your home, why not see if you can find something in charity shops or on the Facebook marketplace. There are many pre-loved items that can be upcycled to suit your home!

However, if you’re going to use paint, make sure it’s a non-toxic and low biocide, this will help reduce your ecological footprint.

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