Maintenance Price Plans

House Proud Finish understand that to maintain and regularly clean a set of carpets, furniture or a yearly spring clean can be a costly expense. We complete end of tenancy cleans on a regular basis, and on average this can set the client back £150-400 per property. For a full carpet clean in a town house, the price can be up to £180. We work alongside landlords, and with tenants, to provide cleans to meet the requirements of a landlord to enable the tenant to receive their deposit, and the landlord to relet the property with no issues from the previous tenancy.

If you are a tenant, with a 12 month tenancy contract, knowing you will be moving out a year from now, would you prefer to pay a monthly price from the date you move in, until the date you leave which covers the end of tenancy clean, carpets and oven cleaning? or would you prefer to pay a lump sum upon moving?


Most landlords now require you to have the property professionally cleaned, including carpets and oven. for example a 2 bedroom house, the price we charge for this is £300 as a full package. We now have decided to offer this price, as a monthly subscription to take the financial pressure from our clients.


As an example, you would pay 12.5% charge on top of price quoted. £300 plus £37.50 would be £337.50. Over 12 months the monthly subscription would be £28.12 per month.


This option enables you to relax, enjoy your tenancy knowing the cleaning, carpets and oven is taken care off. This also means, at the end of your tenancy you can focus on more important things, such as moving, changing address, and focusing on your new property. Moving is one of the most stressful events, let us take away this stress.

Even if you are not a tenant, you are a home owner, looking to have your carpets and upholstery regularly maintained this maintenance plan would suit you perfectly. 


This payment option is available for all work over £100. For example If you have a 3 piece suite, a few armchairs, and a couple of bedrooms you would like to be yearly maintained this option would be perfect for you. 


People pay to have their boilers yearly maintained on payment plans, why not have you furniture and carpets and property regularly maintained?


For landlords with multiple properties, discounts are available for us to maintain your properties. Please call to enquire 07949 824 824


All payments will need to be made in advance to the clean. No outstanding balance to be remaining before clean. 



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