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Carpet cleaning is, for many, a fairly regular task. Hoovering your home or workplace generally takes little effort or know-how to complete. That said, there always comes a point where ‘touch-ups’ aren’t enough, and a thorough clean is the only way to restore your carpet to its former glory.

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, knowing where to begin can be hard enough. The right techniques and equipment will depend on your carpet type. Is it polyester, polypropylene, or nylon? Is it a natural fibre like wool, wool-mix, or seagrass?

This is where House Proud Finish comes in. We are experienced, professional, and industry-standard floor cleaners – meaning we know just how to tackle the grubbiest of floors!

We’ve detailed below our step by step process of our domestic deep cleaning services for carpets, so you know exactly what to expect when working with us.


The first step in actively deep cleaning your carpet is extracting all of the insoluble dirt from within it. In simple terms, some dirt just won’t come out with water and steam alone. This means pre-vacuuming your carpet to get any larger bits of soil and dirt before the next stage. A quality vacuum cleaner with a powered brush bar is best.

Applying the Solution

Having already identified your carpet type, the next task is to find a cleaning solution that is designed specifically for your floor type. These have to be matched to your carpet material as some solutions can damage natural fibres.

It’s also important to identify what sort of soiling your carpet has experienced. Is there a heavy footfall going over it daily, are there animals that live at the property, and are there any heavy stains you need to focus on? The solution you use will need to be specific to your environment.


This is where the industry level equipment comes in, and where you will really notice the difference between this and a standard household vacuum cleaner.

Using a suitable machine like a rotary or counter-rotating brush, or a carpet rake, we need to agitate the carpet to lift the pile and help the solution break down the soiling in the carpet. This will bring up and loosen fibres, fluff or hair that may be caught in the carpet.

Rinsing and Extraction

The final step of the cleaning process is lifting the remaining soiling from the carpet with an industry-standard extraction machine. The machines we use are the best on the market and are able to accommodate any property.

Our machines use a rinsing agent that leaves your carpet visibly cleaner as it’s pulled across the soiled surface.

Depending on the carpet type, force drying can be sometimes beneficial to stop a process called wicking. As carpets dry they bring moisture up from deep in the pile and this can bring dirt and colour up from the backing of the carpet. To stop this, we use large blowers to force dry the carpet.


So there you have it, our professional deep cleaning services broken down into 4 simple steps. We know that when looking for the perfect carpet clean you’re likely to have plenty of questions. Our friendly team are on hand every day and are only a phone call away. To get in touch, please call us on 08006446545.

If you would like to book your professional carpet clean today, please click here.


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