What’s our process

How do we clean your carpets?

When you get in touch to receive your free quote, we will arrange an appointment at your convenience to visit the property or business premises to inspect the carpets.

Inspection of the carpets prior to cleaning, allows us to determine the level and type of soiling. This will enable us to decide the best combination of chemicals to use, and also allow us to provide you with an accurate quote from the start. No hidden extras!

Upon arrival, after agreeing a mutually convenient time and date, we will begin by vacuuming the carpets using our industrial vacuum cleaner, which helps remove any dust, hair, and soiling agents. This process is crucial before extraction and cleaning and should always be the first step before any cleaning begins to avoid pressing any unwanted soiling agents, into the carpets during the cleaning process. In return this helps lengthen the time needed between getting your carpets cleaned in the future, and extend the life of your carpet.

Once all particles are vacuumed, we begin the next stage of the cleaning process known as pre treating any spots or stains.

We do this prior to using our carpet machine, as the carpet machine primarily is used to mainly rinse and clean light soiled carpets, where as pre treating any spots and stains allows the chemical to absorb into the required area and for us to work on the stain prior to using our machine. The inspection at the start, enables us preparation before the clean to find the right individual product or combination of products to best help remove the stain, whether it be blood, coffee, wine, or any other unwanted spillages, we have a product which best suits all eventualities.

We then pre spray your carpets with a specially formulated chemical to suit your individual carpet and level of soiling. The pre spray is again absorbed by your carpets, and does most of the work, since our machines are used for the extraction, rinse and general cleaning. Carpets are then agitated using our professional agitator or by hand in awkward areas, this works the chemicals into the carpets fibres to give the best possible finish.

Our last step of the cleaning process is to rinse and extract using our professional carpet cleaning machine, which rinses the carpet of any remaining dirt, allergens, dust, and other unwanted particles, followed by extraction which sucks up the water and moisture within the carpets to aid fast drying time. If necessary we will also use a portable air mover, to help speed up drying time.

Many other companies mention within their service they offer pre spray treatment prior to extraction as an optional extra if you do not frequently have your carpets cleaned, or have pets, children or smoke, this is charged at an extra rate. We include our pre spray treatment as standard with all of our carpet cleans at no extra cost, to ensure there is no cutting corners and to always provide the best finish regardless.