Why You Should Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning

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No matter how frequently you hoover and care for your carpets, there will come a point where the only way of restoring it to its former glory is through a professional clean.

Domestic cleaning and hoovering will help to maintain your carpet quality and appearance, but if you want your carpets looking pristine for longer, the time will come where a professional clean is the only reasonable solution.

For many, this may come as a surprise. Domestic vacuums and rented cleaning equipment are both common practice and are certainly better than nothing, but whilst this is the case, they’re also not the best solutions you have to hand.

A lot of our calls actually come off the back of a customer using a rented deep-cleaning vacuum or other similar equipment. If these types of machines are used incorrectly, they can cause more damage to your carpet had they not been used in the first place!

This blog is here to outline the benefits of choosing a professional cleaning service over rented equipment, as well as relying on general cleaning methods such as domestic vacuums and other carpet cleaner solutions.

Carpet cleaning

Rented machines can over-wet your carpet

The number one reason people contact us after using a domestic/rented machine is because their carpets have been wet for days. This can cause multiple challenges.

Any furniture you put back on a wet carpet can transfer dyes from the wooden feet, or start rusting if they are metal. This will stain your carpet. We have heard of customers waiting up to a week for their carpet to fully dry!

Over-wetting can also leave a very bad smell. This is due to bacteria in your carpet multiplying in the damp conditions, resulting in a musty/mouldy smell that can last for months! Over-wetting can even damage your floors. Your carpet can delaminate from the backing, or even wick old stains up from underneath, making your carpets look and feel worse than before.

Save yourself the research

When renting cleaning machinery, the chemicals provided are not going to be right for every carpet. It can be a minefield when it comes to researching which chemicals should or shouldn’t be used on your floor type, and can be a big risk if you get it wrong. Using the wrong solution for your carpet type will potentially damage fine and natural fabrics and backings.

As a professional cleaning service, this sort of thing is second nature to us. You can rest easy knowing that opting for a cleaning company means that there is no risk to your carpet or wallet!

The pricing

Considering the risk and effort that comes with renting your own carpet cleaning equipment, the price point isn’t much less than what you’d typically pay for a professional service.

For example, if you’re looking to clean your living room and dining room, a rental machine with chemicals would cost around £60.00. Alternatively, for the same space, we would on average, charge around £100.00. For the convenience of it being cleaned for you to a high standard and without the risk of using incorrect chemicals, it seems like a no brainer!

Quality of clean

It stands to reason that we as pros will be able to clean your carpet to a much higher standard than a rental/domestic machine.

Not only do we follow a standard five-stage clean on every carpet, but we have invested tens of thousands of pounds in the best equipment and training to get your carpets looking as good as possible.

If you would like to find out more about our cleaning services and how to book your domestic carpet cleaning service, please contact us by clicking here. Alternatively, you can talk to our friendly team by calling us on tel – 08006446545

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